"I Change the world around me by changing myself" 



Cathy A. Smith

     I was raised in a Disney Family of artists and musicians in a  multi-cultural environment. I was blessed to learn, as a young child, to accept and enjoy all cultures as valid while I was simultaneously encouraged to define my own value system. My father was particularly interested in human behavior as well as the spirit world. I was made aware that we have a body, mind, feelings, and a spirit. 

     I have worked for 36 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice. I obtained a Master’s Degree in Counseling. My journey has been gratifying for my clients and myself. I have taught Assertiveness Training and Conflict Management at the University level and have hosted several radio shows. I am currently writing a book. I am also trained in Quantum Biofeedback using Scalar waves that can be administrated via the unified field of energy to balance your energy and relieve stress.

     I treat mood disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief and loss, trauma from childhood, lack of self-love and self-confidence, marital issues, parenting issues, gay/transgender issues, loneliness, relationship issues, divorce issues, communication breakdowns, and the desire to learn positive thinking and positive manifestation.

     I am also accomplished using Divination systems to track the soul path of individuals. The use of Divination systems coupled with basic psychotherapy gives a wider perspective of any individual or situation they are facing.    

     Proficiency in Astrology was a mandatory skill demanded by the Greek physician Hippocrates, “The Father of Medicine,” to obtain a medical license. That rule was changed in the last few hundred years as it was deemed non-essential for modern medical personnel to learn Divination skills.




Articles about Psychology

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The skills to be learned would include:

  • Good listening skills

  • Non-judgement of opposing viewpoints

  • Consideration for the needs of their partner

  • Respectful communication skills

  • Good negotiation skills

  • Skills to nurture one another