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The skills to be learned would include:

  • Good listening skills

  • Non-judgement of opposing viewpoints

  • Consideration for the needs of their partner

  • Respectful communication skills

  • Good negotiation skills

  • Skills to nurture one another


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Yes! YOU are a Creator God! It is now scientifically established, and has been known for centuries world-wide that your thoughts create your reality. It is reported by many that you may be living in some type of computer simulator. It does not matter where you are as your thoughts move molecules. You are a Vibrational Being living in a vibrational universe! What you think about manifests around you according to what it is you want. You send out thought and feeling vibrations from your energy matrix (spirit) and the unified field of energy delivers back to you an exact match.

One chronic problem you may not have realized is how important every single thought you think or hold is. Each of your thoughts is a directive to the unified field of energy that automatically delivers back to you the same frequency you send out. You do not receive “karmic payback” for doing hurtful things to others. You only hurt yourself when you sent out attack thoughts to anyone or anything.

You simply live in a world that reflects your state of mind: the quality of your thoughts. Your negative thoughts sit on your energy matrix (your aura). A negative thought about yourself will pull down your vibration. Others will respond to your negative thought about yourself by not liking you! The best way to be liked and loved is to love yourself! Negative thoughts about yourself or others such as blame, anger, hatred, judgement, grudges, resentment, and non-forgiveness lower your frequency. You will notice, when thinking and feeling those energies, that you are not happy or peaceful. You are depressed, anxious, and frustrated. You cannot be creative and playful when in a lower vibrational state of mind.

I can see this energy in real time attach itself to the aura on my quantum biofeedback device. Black spots, brownish orange or green slimy energy flows in and congests your chakras immediately. You can think those ugly thoughts right off of your energy and your aura will become beautiful again instantly. It’s best if you will simply monitor your thoughts constantly and refuse to dwell on negative thoughts and emotions.

Again, you get back that same energy you put out if you allow yourself to dwell in self-pity. You cannot experience creativity or happiness while thinking and holding on to lower vibrational thoughts. You can choose to think off of yourself all negative intentions and thoughts. You certainly do have that power!

Native American’s say “As Above, So Below.” They mean “above” is the mind and “below” is your physical reality manifested with your mind. Eastern thought says “What you put out you get back.” Western thought is influenced by the words of Jesus “So as a man thinketh, so is he.” The same message is delivered to us by Shamans from all over the planet. Science calls this same phenomenon “resonance.”

It is natural for you get become angry or sad and crying is good for you! Crying releases stress hormones via your tears and also the sad energy leaves your energy matrix while and after you cry. Don’t be afraid to feel strong feelings. You don’t, as well, want to continue dwelling on the wrongdoing of others as there is nothing good for you in concentrating on that pain.

Forgiveness is misunderstood by many. You are not required to “approve or agree” with what others have done that hurts you. You are required to release the anger and bitterness you may feel and move it off of your energy matrix. Forgiveness is a way to cleanse your aura so you can receive happy positive people and events again!

You may have started reading between the lines here. You will discover, if you choose to understand how the energy matrix operates, that it is YOU who vibrated in the good, the bad, and the ugly. You do this via your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, your feeling states, and your superconscious mind (Soul). It is frustrating that many thoughts you generate are subconscious and below the threshold of your awareness. You can, however, clearly see a “mirror” of your subconscious thoughts manifested around you via the people and events of your life. What you see is your coagulated thought!

It is an amazing and powerful task to monitor every thought you are aware of. You have the power to refuse to dwell upon the negative and proclaim a positive thought to replace the lower vibrational stressful thought. A general affirmation such as “Everything about this problem will end up benefiting me” or “I am surrounded by love and I am love and I only desire love.” The next step is to say nice things to yourself about yourself until you feel happy! Count your blessings, notice the pretty things around you, be grateful for your loved ones and honor your talents.

Stay in higher consciousness to create a wonderful life full of opportunities by remaining aware of your vibration and teach yourself to keep your mind trained to guide your thoughts to dwell upon the good around you and how wonderful, creative, amazing, and wondrous you are! You have enormous untapped power to create the life you desire if you will stop blaming the world and others and take 100% responsibility for your own thoughts and state of mind. The media in general does not support that you are a Creator God. Their goal is to cause you to blame, oppose, and feel generally aggressive and dissatisfied with who you are.

I am here to tell you that your thoughts are sacred, that you create your reality with your thoughts, and it is worth your time and effort to set your intentions for what you want to experience in life very high. You will need, at first, to correct all the lower vibrational attack thoughts upon yourself and others you generate.

You are ready, now, to master this task. Your happiness will soar if you choose to do so!