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The skills to be learned would include:


  • Good listening skills

  • Non-judgement of opposing viewpoints

  • Consideration for the needs of their partner

  • Respectful communication skills

  • Good negotiation skills

  • Skills to nurture one another


My Services


I see the use of divination systems as a way to track an individuasls "soul map." 40 years of experience using divination systems convinces me that we indeed have unique cycles of energy that can be tracked.  This is extremely useful as it helps you make optimal choices as it clearly shows your blessings and your challenges.  It is then easier to create outcomes that are desired.

The Divination systems I use are Astrology, Numerology, The Tatot and The Order of the Magi - The cards of life.

I use my background in psychology coupled with the divination messages to guide you towards your most positive outcomes remembering, always, you have free will to overcome all challenges!

Additionally, we can explore the compatibility factors with your loved ones so there is less friction and more love expressed in your relationship.


I conduct an initial interview to accurately asses the level of care and focus of treatment needed for you. I honor your value system and help you clarify and fortify your strengths. Some issues are more complex and require longer-term therapy. A lasting sense of peace and self-mastery is my goal for you. I will introduce to you lasting tools to solve your problems.


Young people will open up and heal their problems if they feel safe. They thrive best when they can express themselves freely and do not feel judged.

Children often hide their worst struggles from their parents even though the parents give them ample opportunity and love to express themselves.

I work closely with parents to give them the tools to help their child heal. My goal is to empower the parents to communicate in a clear and consistent manner with their child so they can then confidently solve life problems with their child.


Gay and Transgender individuals have always walked amongst us. They still sustain unwanted and unfair prejudice from some factions of society as do some racial groups. The stress of the prejudice can be mitigated. This population must also focus on their strengths and talents and essentially focus on their own positive manifestations. Self-love and self-empowerment are on top of the list!


My area of expertise in using the Quantum Biofeedback

device is to measure and balance your brain energy and the elimination of your stress. This is called Neural Biofeedback. Biofeedback, quite simply, is any technique which takes a measurement of the body, and provides a result. Neural Biofeedback automatically balances the brain.

     The device measures factors of the body electric such as the voltage of the firing brain cells, the amperage of the heart muscle contractions, the voltage of the muscles, and the resistance to the flow of electricity of the skin. The information measured is then “fed-back” to the client,

informing them of various physiological parameters and stress responses within the body. Scalar wave frequencies are used to balance your energy matrix and the balancing of my clients are done through the unified field of energy.

Quantum Biofeedback educates you about the need to retrain body’s stress responses, balance the body electric, make lifestyle changes or learn to control physiological reactions in order to achieve improved relaxation and better overall health.

     Quantum Biofeedback utilizes electro-dermal sensors to measure Galvanic Skin Resistance. There is a direct relationship between your sympathetic nervous activity and emotional arousal.

Most people report biofeedback sessions to be relaxing, soothing, and beneficial. My goal is to balance your brain and relax your muscles to rid your body of the “fight and flight” stress response. My clients report a sense of well-being after a session with improved mood and a feeling of relaxation.